Ana Takes a Stand

Good girl Ana learns a lesson in selfishness when her generous nature is put to the test by an old friend.

Digital, Color, 15m
2022 shot on location in Lisbon, Portugal

Writer / Director ︎Sydney Buchan
Producer ︎ Joy Jorgensen
Cinematography ︎ Zamarin Wahdat
Production Design ︎ Marin Fanjoy-Labrenz
Editing ︎ Harry Cepka
Sound Design > Hugo Leitão
Music︎Casey MQ

> Kurtzfilmtage Winterthur 2022

WRITER / DIRECTOR  ❶ Ana Takes a StandSlit Drift Round Right   DESIGNER  RunnerBambirak ❻ I’m the One Who’s Singing Blue Christmas   PAST LIVES  ➑ Etcetera.